We are very proud of the wide range of custom glass pieces that we have produced over the years. In these galleries, you'll find examples of our work in a variety of settings. If you see something you would like us to reproduce for you or if these images spark your imagination, please contact us.

3 Panel Screen


3 panel screen - Egrets

3 panel screen - Egrets

Shower Doors

Etching on a shower door of tempered glass starts at $55.00 per SQ. foot of etching. Prices will vary with the complexity of the design. If you require a deep etching or glue chipping on the glass, the price starts at $65.00 and up per SQ. foot with an extra charge for tempering the glass after the etching is complete.

Cabinet Door

The etching on Cabinet doors can be anywhere from $45.00 a SQ. FT. to $75.00 a SQ. FT. Depending on the complexity of the design, and type of etching, or if just a border is required. Please call for a free estimate.


Wilson Studios has etched many Commercial Establishments throughout the United State. Logos and signage can be etched into the glass or a custom design can be developed for your piece. Please look through my gallery of existing projects. See order page for pricing of different types of etching.

Residential and Pantry Doors

Each design is custom developed to the clents specifications. Wilson Studios takes pride in taking your ideas, putting them first on paper and then etching them into a custom glass art piece. Prices starting at $45.00 per Sq. Ft. for shade etching and going up to between $75. and $100.00 per Sq. Ft. depending on glass size, complexity of etching and amount of area to be etched.

Window and Room Dividers

Windows and room dividers are a wonderful way to add a touch of beauty to your room. See pricing page for prices.

Trophies and Personalized Gifts

Personalized recognition gifts and trophies are a wonderful way to commemorate that special occasion or person. Wilson Studios has many catalogues of blank trophy and award ideas that can be personalized with any saying or design to make that special person feel appreciated. Prices vary from a low of about $35.00 up to several hundred, depending on glass item, quality and size of glass, and amount of etching.

Vases and Gifts

Wilson Studios etches functional items, such as vases, bowls, stemware, and everyday glasses and mugs. Browse through our gallery of gifts and see if anything catches your eye. These items are limited to what is on hand if you are looking for something right away. If you plan ahead I can order in gift items, or you can purchase your own glass and I can personalize it for you. These items are priced from a low of $25.00 and up depending on glass costs and amount and complexity of etching.

Weddings and Special Occasions

A wonderful way to remember a special day is a personalized art piece. Wilson Studios has a large variety of glass that can do just that. You can choose between wedding flutes, personalized picture frames, plates, bowls , vases or coffee mugs etched with that special design or commerative date or saying. Prices are determined by the cost of glass and anount of etching you require, usually starting at around $25.00 and up.